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Digital marketing services in Hucclecote, Gloucestershire

We all witnessed what happened in 2020 and how having an online presence was necessary for businesses to survive.
Digital Marketing has the power to grow your business but it is a slow and continuous process with no quick fixes so finding the right strategy is essential.

For example, Social media marketing is more than just posting a rare update on Facebook or writing the odd caption on Instagram.

It is about creating a presence - A presence of being a reliable and trustworthy brand.
It is about building a relationship and keeping that relationship nurtured by engaging with your audience.
Your posts need to be relevant and personalised to the reader.

If you have limited experience with online marketing, it really can feel like a minefield to navigate. 
It can also be a demanding ask of your time when you are already juggling so many responsibilities.

Hiring a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant can be a great way of outsourcing yet another job, leaving you with the time to focus on the everyday running of your business.

As a Digital marketer, I can take care of all your online needs so contact me today for more information.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out my FREE downloads page which is full of handy tips and advice. 

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about ME

I'm Natalie, a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant from Hucclecote, Gloucestershire.

I began my marketing journey in 2019 whilst still working as a buyer within the construction industry by starting a diploma in social media marketing. Although i began creating websites over 15 years ago.

I hated my job and was filled with dread every day going into work and knew there was more to life than this so I decided to retrain in Digital Marketing.

I was made redundant last summer and in what seemed like a twist of fate, gave me the perfect opportunity to start up my new venture full time.

Weirdly, Without covid, I may never have had the courage to do this full-time.


I Work predominantly (although not inclusively) with construction companies, tradespeople, and within the window & door industry across the UK that are looking to grow their online presence.


From creating websites to setting up & managing social media accounts, planning and creating fresh content, engaging with followers and generally, covering all aspects of social media marketing & website design & management to blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

My specialities include


  • Social Media Marketing

  • Blogging

  • Website Design

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

  • Google My Business

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If you would like to discuss how I can help you further or would like more information on the services I provide, please submit an enquiry on my contact page or call 01452 618527 | 07388815214.

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