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So, A hashtag is a single word, abbreviation or phrase with no spaces.

Originally hashtags began on Twitter but are now extremely popular on all social media platforms, especially Instagram.

They are used to

  • Increase engagement with your followers. It also gives you an opportunity to engage in a conversation happening on that social media platform.

  • It's an opportunity to build your brand.

  • Show support for social issues.

  • Add context to a social media post.

  • Helps your target audience find you.

Before using hashtags on your social media, research thoroughly which tags to use.

  • Start with creating your own brand hashtag, to use on all your posts.

  • Start by searching basic relevant terms for your product/service. You could even use a hashtag tool such as ???? f you’re not sure where to start.

  • Start creating a list of your preferred hashtags to use with your posts. You could use a Google sheets spreadsheet for this.

  • Check your competitors’ accounts. How many hashtags do they use, and which ones?

  • Start Segmenting your list according to your product and service categories. You could create a general list of hashtags you use for every post.

You could also include

  • Local Area Hashtags

  • Action Hashtags

  • Bragging Hashtags

  • Promotional Hashtags

  • Descriptive Hashtags

  • Custom Hashtags

  • Charitable Hashtags

  • Relatable Hashtags

Remember to use less popular hashtags as well as less popular ones too.

By only using popular tags, a small page will drown amongst the bigger pages which will ultimately ruin your hard efforts and be quite disheartening, especially when you have a really good post and it failed to reach its potential audience.

You could also check which hashtags are trending that day too!

Ways to use hashtags could be

Now you know what a hashtag is and where to post them, you may be wondering how many you will need to use?

This is a hot topic of conversation as there are many views and theories but it's generally thought that on Facebook, you should only use a few, whilst on Instagram, you can use up to 30.

This doesn't mean you have to use the maximum allowance but it's a good idea as you'll have 30 chances to reach people and I do personally believe, the more you use on Instagram, the better.

I have a handy hashtag download sheet covering a few of the daily tags. Go to

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