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What is a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant

noun a person, as a freelance office assistant, who works remotely in

an administrative role.

Digital Marketing

noun the use of the Internet, Mobile Devices, Social Media,

Search Engines, and other channels to reach consumers.

Digital Marketing has the power to grow your business but it is a slow and continuous process with no quick fixes so finding the right strategy is essential.

If you have limited experience with online marketing, it really can feel like a minefield to navigate so hiring a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant can be a great way of outsourcing yet another job.

They also possess the software required to get on with the job in hand.

This could be:

  • CANVA - A design software

  • PLANOLY - A scheduling tool

  • GRAMMARLY - A proofreading/writing assistant tool


Digital Marketing Virtual Assistants (DMVA's) are a great alternative to hiring a temporary or permanent employee or agency as you'll be able to outsource projects as and when required.

The benefit of this is no need for costly recruitment joining fees or another set of wages to pay each month.

It may just be a one-off project that you require help with as you haven't enough time or your business could be seasonal.

However, the main reason for hiring a Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant is due to requiring a professional; A professional with knowledge of Digital Online Marketing.

DMVA's are experts in their field and projects that may take others a while, could be completed a lot quicker and more importantly, with much better results.

A DMVA can help your business with

  • Lead Generation

  • Keep an Eye on Trends

  • ROI's

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Brand Management


A Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant is qualified in online marketing and have lots of experience under their belts.

Services provided by a Digital Marketing VA's varies and could include all or any of the following:

Strategy Planning

Trend Spotting

Social Media Account Set-up

Social Media Bios

Facebook & Instagram Stories

Hashtag Research

Audience Engagement

Social Media Organic Marketing

Social Media Paid Advertising

Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Audits

Website Content


Social Media Scheduling

Graphic Design

Email Campaigns

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation for blogs, websites etc)

Analytics & Insights Analysis

Google My Business



Absolutely anyone can hire a DM Virtual Assistant.

Most commonly it's a small business without their own marketing department and due to lack of time or staff not qualified in Digital Marketing, opt for hiring a professional.

Quite often, as a business owner, there aren't enough hours in the day so hiring a DM to take over all of the business marketing needs makes perfect sense. You can now save your time and get on with other essential company errands.

As you can see, A DMVA can cover many bases leaving you with more time to focus on the jobs you enjoy!

As a Digital marketer, I can take care of all your online needs so contact me today for more information or leave me a comment.

In the meantime, don't forget to check out my FREE downloads page which is full of handy tips and advice.

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