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Posting content regularly and of high quality can be time-consuming.

If possible, set aside an amount of time to create content each week or month and schedule.

Scheduling is also a great way of posting outside of 'office hours too!

In my world, social media scheduling is a massive time saver.

Having the option to publish on specific dates and times leaves more chances to connect with your audience.

For example, you may not be able to post throughout the day when your audience is at its prime. However, using a scheduling tool can remedy that.

Each business should remember to schedule to their own specific needs.

Don't forget though, that posting spontaneously is still a good idea at regular intervals. This could be sharing an industry news story or a great customer review you have recently received.

Planning your social content this way gives you a clear picture of what is being published and you will easily see where the inconsistencies are with your posts and what you should be sharing more of.

It may be that you are missing a blog post or the details of an important event.

Having the calendar set out in front of you allows for any amendments to be made.

There are many scheduling tools to choose from and it could be a good idea to play around with a few to see what works best for you and your business needs.

A few of the most popular:

  • Facebook

  • Planoly ( A favourite of mine)

  • Buffer

  • Hootsuite

These tools are particularly good to use but if you are new to scheduling, don't give up!

Getting it right takes time but it really does pay off and saves lots of time.

You should also note that your posts should be personal to your business. A few examples could be:

  1. A beauty Salon could post tutorials on different hairstyles, before and after pictures or the products used to achieve these hairstyles.

  1. A bakery would post recipes for amazing products, Videos on how to make and after photos of bakes that you have made.

One final reminder, planning your content using a scheduling platform could make you appear disconnected from your business so always ensure that your followers are engaged with and acknowledged and don't forget to post in real-time too!

Never post and ghost!

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